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July 2022

KEEPEARS & AVAtronics launch the Quietest Earbuds on Earth:

Aviation pilots and other individuals working in extremely noisy environments get access to a hearing protection and communication device that reduces noise level by up to 55 decibels.

Allschwil/Lausanne, July 14, 2022. The Swiss startups “KEEPEARS” and “AVAtronics” announce the successful test and launch of the first prototypes of the quietest earbuds on earth as hearing protection and communications systems to be used in extreme noisy environments.

The companies apply AVAtronics’ unique active noise cancelling (ANC) technology to KEEPEARS' high quality hearing communications and protection systems in the form of personalized earbuds. These personalized ANC earbuds will now being tested in the field by professionals.

“Providing the highest performance hearing systems that meet the most demanding requirements of operational personnel working in extreme environments such as aviation, land forces, and civil security is part of the DNA of the KEEPEARS team. KEEPEARS has one of the best performing passive hearing protection systems on the market, and the AVAtronics technology will bring the development of an ANC with the highest levels achievable to date. With the integration of AVAtronics’ technology and know-how in our systems, we are proud to bring to our users the highest levels of acoustic performance with unprecedented levels of attenuation achieved to date.“ said Yannick Hellec, CEO of KEEPEARS.

“Making the quietest earbuds and headphones in the world has been our goal from the start. Now, using amazingly well-designed and personalized devices of KEEPEARS, we are happy to enable KEEPEARS to provide individuals who are working at extreme noisy environments with a comfortable hearing protection device which can reduce the noise level by at least 30dB and up to 55dB at all frequencies higher than 100Hz. These are the ultimate ultrawideband ANC earbuds” said Jeyran Hezaveh, CEO of AVAtronics. “Our team is still continuing to develop our AI-enriched wideband ANC technology further to provide the earbuds and headphones market with versatile ANC solutions which can work optimally in different noise environments”, she added.

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April 2020

First round of Financing:

AVAtronics SA has successfully closed its first round of financing. The oversubscribed round of ~CHF 1.6 millions was completed by Zurcher Kantonalbank, Investiere, Gobeyond Invest, Norga Capital, Accelerace Invest and private investors.

AVAtronics SA is providing a patented, True Wideband Active Noise Cancellation technology for several industries. It is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland with a subsidiary based in Sound Hub Denmark, where it has access to world-class acoustic test facilities and audio experts.

AVAtronics is being supported by multiple Swiss and Danish startup support organizations such as: Innosuisse, VentureKick, Innovaud, FIT, Sound Hub Denmark and Accelerace.

The latest round of financing facilitates the expansion of the team, further developing the technology, extending the application of AVA Noise Cancellation to new industries beyond Headphones, and also entering new geographical markets beyond Europe.

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