AI-Enriched Wideband Active Noise Cancellation Technology

AVA Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Solution is a breakthrough in Audio Industry. AVA is the first and only TRUE WIDE-BAND ANC in the market capable of selectively cancelling all annoying noises we want to get rid of without compromising the quality of Music or speech.

Patent protected, AI Enriched digital Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology in the form of embedded SW on different platforms: Audio SoC's, FPGA's and DSP's.

The actual implementation on several ultra low power audio SoC's proves the fitness of AVA ANC technology for ultra low-power-consuming applications like TWS earbuds.

AVAtronics system benefits from its own developed AI adaptation module (in the form of a light deep neural network) to adapt the ANC to the environment and achieve the optimum ANC performance.

Thanks to the in-depth wireless telecom background of the Founders, AVAtronics team has utilized and applied special techniques and algorithms of digital wireless telecom to acoustics world: providing the highest achievable bandwidth for Active Noise Cancelling in any application: Earbuds/Headphones, Transportation (in-seat noise cancellation), and many more.

AVAtronics is offering TWS Earbuds industry with wideband solution (minimum 3KHz is guaranteed), which runs on every Audio SoC's being used in the TWS earbuds.

AVAtronics unique approach to adaptive ANC solution, using a very novel AI-based technique implemented in the form of a very light deep neural network, has given AVA ANC an edge in achieving much better results compared to all other solutions in the market.


August 2022: AVAtronics will hold private demo sessions at IFA BERLIN 2022.

July 2022: KeepEars and AVAtronics Launch the Quietest Earbuds on Earth. More info.

February 2022: AVAtronics is exhibiting at MWC Barcelona 2022 as part of Swiss pavilion. More info.

September 2021: AVAtronics has been voted again as one of the "TOP 100 Swiss Startups". More info.

June 2021: AVAtronics is exhibiting at MWC Barcelona 2021 as part of Swiss pavilion.

January 2021: AVAtronics is exhibiting at CES 2021 online as part of Swisstech campaign.

October 2020: AVAtronics is exhibiting at CEATEC Japan 2020 in Swisstech Pavilion. More info.

September 2020: AVAtronics has been voted as one of the "TOP 10 Newcomers" into "TOP 100 Swiss Startups". More info.

April 2020: AVAtronics has closed its first round of financing More info.

March 2020: AVAtronics is one of "10 Swiss Engineering Startups to Watch in 2020" More info.

September 2019: AVAtronics will be participating in "2019 Global Startup Exchange & Collaboration Program (K-Ground)", organized by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS), Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development (KISED), and Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation (GCCEI).

August 2019: THE MOST PROMISING SCALE-UPs: AVAtronics is nominated as THE finalist for Sound Tech and Smart Industry in the @Scale-Up Denmark? 2019 National finals. More Info.

July 2019: AVAtronics wins 50,000 francs from Stage II Venture Kick jury More Info.

May 2019: AVAtronics is exhibiting in SWISSTECH pavilion during CES China 2019 More Info.

March 2019: AVAtronics wins 10,000 francs from Stage I Venture Kick jury More Info.

January 2019: AVAtronics is featured in Forbes FR "Les start-up à découvrir en Suisse" More Info.

November 2018: AVAtronics is joining Accelerace/Soundhub Sound Accelerator Program More Info.

June 2018: AVAtronics is in top 10 Business Plans in venture competition More Info.

May 2018: AVAtronics has been awarded the FIT Seed loan More Info.

May 2018: AVAtronics is a finalist in MassChallenge Switzerland 2018 More Info.

May 2018: AVAtronics will present at EPFL Startup Champions Seed Night More Info.

December 2017: AVAtronics selected for IMD startup Competition 2017/2018 More Info.

November 2017: AVAtronics has reached the quarter finals at SLUSH 100 competition in Helsinki. We are in top 50 More Info.

November 2017: AVAtronics has been shortlisted to pitch at LISH launch event in Lausanne.

More Info.

November 2017: AVAtronics has been shortlisted to pitch at SLUSH 100 competition in Helsinki. More Info.

October 2017: AVAtronics will be among Swiss delegation attending SLUSH 2017 event in Helsinki. More Info

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